Recommending Nutrition Products From Amazon? We’ll Add Them To NutriScape!

Sometimes it’s a specific nutrition bar or drink. Sometimes it’s an obscure book by a dietitian on the patient’s exact health condition. Our patients and clients often need items that are easily available on Amazon. The problem is that they don’t know how to search for what you recommended. Instead, they are hit with all these confusing options and alternative products–some of which we would definitely not recommend. As Dietitians, we should have a place to send our clients for Amazon product recommendations.

With NutriScape.NET, we never have to leave patients at the mercy of the Amazon marketers again. NutriScape’s shop links will send users to specific items they can buy directly on Amazon.

And this can help provide the financial resources to fuel The NutriScape Project’s operations by providing an affiliate revenue stream. Whenever someone arrives at Amazon through our product link, NutriScape receives an affiliate fee totaling four percent their total purchase within 24 hours. It costs nothing extra and fuels our operations so that we can focus on the mission of promoting what dietitians do.

So, send us your Amazon product suggestions. On RDNutriScape, the shop will link to professional reference books, things for your office, & teaching aids. For consumers, it has links to the best books, scales, nutrition bars and obscure items like nosey cups and weighted utensils.

Here’s where we can really help each other out. It’s easy- just send us any Amazon Product link here at shop@NutriScape.NET. And we’ll take it from there.

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