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The NutriScape Project Needs Your Help

If you believe in The NutriScape Project’s mission of connecting dietitians with the consumers who need them, here are some important ways to get involved:

  • Share NutriScape with Colleagues: Help spread the word about The NutriScape Project and its mission. The more dietitians who know about this, the faster we can build useful reader content that connects directly to Dietitian creators. Use the share buttons to tell your social media groups or email a friend to let them know about this exciting new platform!
  • Finance: Help finance the project by using our Amazon affiliate links, directing clients to NutriScape to purchase labs online or supplements, using our Amazon nutrition shop, using our Fullscript resources, or donating directly to The NutriScape Project. Read on for details.
  • Courses: Submit your course(s) to be promoted on the site.
  • Downloads: Submit consumer downloads
  • Telehealth: Offer your virtual nutrition services on the TeleNutrition Site.
  • Articles: Submit articles for our consumer readers or for dietetic professionals. We all become experts in our niche and we all have important messages to share. Why not share that wisdom here, where it is sure to find its intended reader?
  • Resource Links: Submit a resource link. If you know of a great resource that is useful to dietitians or our readers, share it with us and we will get it published on the site.

3 Ways To Help Fund The NutriScape Project

Your support will allow The NutriScape Project to fund ongoing web development costs and critical marketing efforts. It will give us the fuel to confidently move forward with building the team we need to publish incoming content. We need you!

1. Send Clients to Supplement-Sciences.Com, A Division of The NutriScape Project

Clients receive Fullscript quality products for 20% off Retail

Fullscript provides secure sourcing of professional-grade supplements with the convenience of online ordering and home delivery. Of course, as dietitians, we always recommend food first, but we know that many of our clients have sub-optimal intakes. Your clients need to be guided to quality supplements, the NutriScape Fullscript Shop allows them to find their best options for every supplement need. Check it out Supplement Sciences on Fullscript.

2. Order Labs Online

When you and your clients need lab tests but requesting a medical appointment or physician order for a lab doesn’t make sense, there’s another way! Download and save a list of nutrition-related labs complete with pricing, have your client order their labs online, and get them done at their local lab. Super easy, and available in every state except NY, NJ, and NH.

Whenever you or your clients purchase items from Amazon through links on the NutriScape shop or use the affiliate link, The NutriScape Project receives a 4% commission on any purchase made within 24 hours. Yes! Without paying extra, you can use the affiliate link to buy almost anything on Amazon, and they’ll pass on a percentage to NutriScape. This is such an easy way that every Dietitian and every NutriScape user can support our work.

Send your clients to the NutriScape Shop to find dietitian-approved nutrition-related books and products. Bookmark the URL today.

Thanks for Helping to Fund the Tools for the Future of Dietetics

NutriScape.NET and The NutriScape Project are providing a never-before-available centralized web presence where RDNs can join our individual efforts together to achieve effective recognition of the value of dietetic services.  Your support for The NutriScape Project will help us facilitate individual client connections and create a better future for dietitians everywhere.