NutriScape.NET: Finally Taking Advantage of The Marketing Power of The Web

Our profession has been waiting decades for someone to take advantage of the marketing power of the internet and build us a comprehensive site that connects dietitians to the countless potential clients searching Google.

With The NutriScape Project, the dietetic profession is able to create the ultimate website for bringing clients together with dietitians. As we crowdsource our talents and resources, NutriScape will become the natural marketing funnel our profession has always needed.

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  • Writing and publishing your articles. Position yourself as an expert in your niche.
  • Telehealth Listings: Offer MNT in your specialties to clients in your state.
  • Websites on the NutriScape network. Your content will be searchable from the main navigation bar on every page of NutriScape.
  • Courses & Downloads: Position your courses or downloads within NutriScape’s core content where it will be prominently displayed to your ideal clients.
  • Free CEUs
  • Join our community
  • Support The NutriScape Project: Learn no-cost ways to support NutriScape’s finances to help us bring The NutriScape Project to the next level!

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