Free CEU: Creating Your Own Website on The NutriScape Network

Websites can be cheap and quick, no more complex than an online brochure. Many all-in-one options offer these easy, low-cost website offerings with only one major drawback–Search Engine Optimization. Can an awesome article on your tiny independent site really get to the first page of Google? Here’s where having your site established on the NutriScape Multisite Network can really make a difference.

In this short article, we’ll show you why establishing your website in partnership with The NutriScape Project can provide advantages over other hosting services.

The Advantages of Establishing Your Own NutriScape Site

Here are some of the major advantages of establishing your website on the NutriScape Multisite network.

  • Create your own fully functional WordPress website: Your site will exist as a subdomain on the massive NutriScape.NET web network. This network is built on the WordPress platform and Elementor allows you to work with an intuitive graphic interface.
  • Search Engine Optimization: One of the main advantages of establishing your site on the NutriScape Multisite is the massive boost to your credibility that will be recognized by Google. Google recognizes both your connection to the much larger and highly authoritative NutriScape site
  • NutriScape Network Searchability: Your site articles will be able to show up in NutriScape searches taking place on the main consumer and food sites.
  • Make your site articles “Pinnable” for All NutriScape RDN’s and readers: When you publish your website on NutriScape.NET, each of your articles will be able to be saved into pinboards by every user of the NutriScape network of sites. The supermenu bar makes it possible for your readers to log-in to the pinboard and save content from your site and everywhere else on the NutriScape Network of sites.
  • Get Pinboard capabilities for your own website: Using the pinboard capabilities on NutriScape, you and NutriScape users can include your article(s) in curated collections. Pinboards are saved collections that each logged-in NutriScape user can create. These are shareable boards that you can send by email or link to on your social media.
  • Be a Part of The NutriScape Project Community: By establishing your site on NutriScape, you will be participating in The NutriScape Project-an organization with the mission to further the independent businesses of all registered dietitians.

Learn More About The NutriScape Project

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  • Websites on the NutriScape network. Your content will be searchable from the main navigation bar on every page of NutriScape.
  • Courses & Downloads: Position your courses or downloads within NutriScape’s core content where it will be prominently displayed to your ideal clients.
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