Discover The NutriScape Pinboards: Save and Share Whole Groups of Articles

NutriScape.NET is designed from the bottom up to be the ultimate nutrition site for use by dietitians and our clients. One of the greatest practical features of the NutriScape nutrition ecosystem is the ability to search, save, and share content from every part of the NutriScape multisite. You can even publish your own articles and website on the NutriScape network to allow dietitians and clients everywhere to save and share the articles you’ve written. Read on to find out more about NutriScape’s Pinboard sharing functions and go on to explore the larger goals of The NutriScape Project.

Log In to Access The Pinboards (My Dashboard)

Whenever you are logged in, you will see the “My Dashboard” link on the top navigation bar. The dashboard page shows you shortcuts to every part of NutriScape.

Choose Articles To Save To Your Custom Pinboards

Each article, recipe, and specialty product post has the “Pin to Board” button that allows you to add it to one of your pinboards. This allows you to quickly curate whole groups of content that you want to share with your clients or colleagues.

Fully Customize Your Boards

Chances are that there are many different categories of content that you would like to save or share. Our pinboards allow you to keep your business and professional reading separate from boards you intend to share with your various groups of clients. You can create as many boards as you need so that you can organize your boards for easy sharing with clients and colleagues.

Save Articles To Your Pinboard

How to Share Your NutriScape Boards

Collect sets of specific articles on your custom pinboards so that you can share them with your clients or colleagues. Use the share button to easily open an email that will automatically send your customized set of articles to your client. They don’t even need to login to access the articles you have chosen for them!

To Sum It Up

Every article comes with a button. The “Pin to Board” button saves the article to one of your saved boards. As you scroll down the dashboard page, you’ll see all the pinboards you have saved. Then just click the share button on the bottom of a board and it opens up an email to send the board URL to your patient or colleague. When they get the link, they don’t even have to log in! They’ll have a list of reading material you have specifically curated for them. And your clients can save their own boards with articles, recipes, and products from everywhere on the NutriScape Network.

Learn More About The NutriScape Project

Click the button below to find out more about:

  • Writing and publishing your articles. Position yourself as an expert in your niche.
  • Telehealth Listings: Offer MNT in your specialties to clients in your state.
  • Websites on the NutriScape network. Your content will be searchable from the main navigation bar on every page of NutriScape.
  • Courses & Downloads: Position your courses or downloads within NutriScape’s core content where it will be prominently displayed to your ideal clients.
  • Free CEUs
  • Join our community
  • Support The NutriScape Project: Learn no-cost ways to support NutriScape’s finances to help us bring The NutriScape Project to the next level!

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