Where To Spend Your Marketing Time: Articles vs. Social Media

If you are a dietitian seeking to market your services, courses, and downloadable products, you are likely to be spending a lot of time creating social media content. Social media has been likened to an information river streaming by your potential client. There’s no doubt that this can work to some extent if you are consistent and have a following. But when you’re busy with work and family this can be challenging. And, is the person seeing your social media post actually a good fit for your products and services?

A different strategy is called “content marketing”, and here’s where The NutriScape Project can provide some valuable marketing opportunities. Publishing Articles on NutriScape.NET is content marketing. Unlike the social media river that is here today and gone tomorrow, a web article stays in one place and Google brings your ideal client to it!

Web Searching vs. Social Media Scrolling: Who’s Is More Likely To Become A Client

How a person finds your services makes a huge difference in how likely that person is to actually want your services.
When someone is scrolling along in their social media feed and sees a dietitian’s services, they probably weren’t looking for them. So that kind of exposure might be just another useful fact for them. Really part of the information overload for that person.

But, when people find a dietitian’s services through The NutriScape Project, you know they are not coming to your content by accident. They were SEARCHING for a solution.

Not only that, but the NutriScape site itself is educating patients on their need for the kind of personalized answers that only dietitians can give them. So, where to put your marketing time? Social media is quick, but very transient. Writing an article not quick, but once that article is published, it’s durable.

When dietitians band together through The NutriScape Project, Google will Send Our Ideal Clients

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